A Bit About Myself

I started this blog in order to document my trip to Scotland
but shortly after starting the blog I lost my job in a reduction in force.
This blog then served to keep me sane during my 1+ year of unemployment.
I have had a job since August, which I have enjoyed very much but I have missed blogging,
so it is time to start up again.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Host

The trailers for the new movie 'The Host' looked so good that I decided to request the book from the library.  I thought it would be like when 'The Hunger Games' came out last year and I requested the book but the reserve list was so long I was not able to read it until after seeing the movie.  I got lucky this time and the book came in very quickly, so I read it this week and then went to see the movie today.

This was one of the rare times that I have read the book before knowing much of anything about the movie.  I saw Twilight before reading the books.  I saw nearly every Harry Potter movie before I finally read the series.  The Hunger Games was slightly different cause the book came in the day before I left to see my sister, so I only read a couple pages before seeing the movie. 

It was different going into the movie knowing the entire storyline, however there were enough differences in the movie that it was still full of surprises. 

I LOVED the book, it was such a unique story and I will be reading it again very very soon.  I am at that point that I can't move on from the book yet because I loved the story so much.  The movie I liked as well though not quite as much as book but after I see it a couple more times my opinion may change.

Finally I now have a desire the live in caves with a small community of people, cut off from the world.  I think I maybe getting a little jaded of the world and the desire to escape and live in the middle of nowhere with people also wishing to be off the grid.  Plus it would not hurt if a couple of the very good looking men from 'The Host' were there as well.

Monday, February 18, 2013


I was checking the current pictures I had taken to see if any needed to be deleted and I came across this picture that I took in the park last week.  It is not as in focus as I would have liked but it really speaks to me.  It kind of looks magical.

Pioneer Woman Test

The other day I was watching a episode of the Pioneer woman and she made this pasta dish that was like a cross between two dishes I make often, so I decided to try it, but in my own way.  I made the chicken with red pepper and then grilled it.  While it was grilling I prepared the pasta and cut cherry tomatoes in half.  Then I sauteed garlic in white wine, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil and added the tomatoes.  After a bit I added a bag of spinach and then put the pasta and chicken on top of that before I mixed everything together.  I have been eating it all week and I LOVE it. 

Sunsets in the park

Most nights I barely make it home to walk my dogs before dark.  We manage it most the time and I get some amazing pictures walking at that time as well. 

Walking late also lets me see more wildlife.  Here are the cranes getting settled for the night.


Pets and the Vet

I finally broke down and took my two dogs and cat to the vet this past Friday.  I was really worried since it had been so long since I had taken them to the vet.  I decided to find a new vet since their old vet was not as friendly as I would like a vet to be.  I did tons of research and found a vet that had a perfect rating on google.  I loved this place.  They referred to my pets as my kids, which you know right off is perfect.  Than they were probably the best deal in town and they were very up front about pricing.  I liked the small town vet feel of the office and look forward to working with them in the future. 

Now for the bad news.  First off Memphis was fantastic, he was considered in perfect shape and very healthy.  They even said his teeth were great.
On to Vegas, I have been a bit worried about her wheezing after playing outside.  She  stumped the vet because she moves her abdomen when breathing heavy, she also had bad teeth but her mommy is so broke now I will be taking care of that for the time being.  She will be taking allergy meds for awhile to help her breathing.

Last was poor Lacy.  She has a heart murmur and had a complete blood test, they are not 100% sure what is causing it.  It is possible she has heart disease but they said she could go the rest of her life and never have any problems with it, but I was told what to watch for in case a problem occurs.   Her teeth were also bad but since they did not recommend a cleaning I am guessing they think she is not healthy enough for the cleaning.  I have been  watching her very closely but she is acting so normal it is throwing me a bit.

In the end I am glad I went ahead and took care of this but it defiantly added some worries to my life.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

I was a huge fan of the original rangers back when I was a pre-teen.  However when I started watching the original rangers, the series had already moved on to the Power Rangers Zeo (almost Turbo).  I had never seen all the original episodes in order so when I discovered that they were available on Netflix I decided to watch all the original episodes through the pink ranger leaving (I was not a fan of the 2nd pink ranger).  I am on Season 2 right now and they just transferred the yellow, black, and red ranger powers.  I had read that there was a contract dispute going on with the original red, black, and yellow rangers at that time, which was the reason they left.  I did not know that the show did not have them on and tried to cover up that they were not there.  It is pretty funny how bad they covered up that three cast members were missing.  They showed lots of backs of the "cast" members, old footage and sound bites, and one where they were silhouetted by the sunset.  I think they had a couple people mimic a couple of the ranger voices as well and it was pretty bad.  I love the show and how corny it is, but the few episodes while this was going on really take the cake.  They are sooooo extremely corny. 

Of course the main reason I watched the show was because I adored Jason David Frank and Tommy and Kimberley's relationship, which is still in the episodes at least.  I am guessing they learned their lesson cause I don't think that happened much again at least not for that many episodes.

I have had about 6 episodes play today while I do house work and that is about my limit, so I am moving on to Easy A.

Friday, October 19, 2012

An Amazing Weekend

I have nothing planned for this weekend, not even a trip to the movie theater but I have a feeling that this weekend will be the best weekend ever. 

Tonight is the only time I have anything planned and it should be fun.  It is babysitting some of my favorite kiddos, so it should be a fun evening.  My house and yard are clean for once and I have no desire for a shopping trip so I don't know what is going to make this weekend exciting but it is going to be incredible.

I can feel it in the air.  The best weekend in the world is almost here!!!!